Vivo NEX 5G due in September on China Mobile

Nokia 5G software isn't ready for Sprint in New York as of August 15. Sprint has missed the June date to turn on. 

CFO John Stephens says AT&T is going to cut capex soon.

Bharti in India has lost 45M customers who did not want to pay the minimum US#2/month. It's shutting down 3G to free some spectrum for 4G. It is cutting capex, dangerous when the 12 gigabytes/month of use continues to rise.

Huawei in 6 days sold 300,000 5G Mate 20s. Delivery begins on 8/16. 

China has over 50,000 upgraded base stations and may have more than 200,000 by yearend 2019. The growth is astonishing and about to accelerate. China will have more 5G than North America and Europe combined for several years.

5G phone prices are down to $580 in China from Oppo. Headed under $300 in 2020 and driving demand.

No one believed me when I wrote in May, 90% of Huawei U.S. purchases can be rapidly replaced and that Huawei would survive and thrive. Financial results are in, with 23% growth and increased phone sales. It is spending $17B on research in 2019, up > 10%. 

5G phones spotted from Sharp and Sony

NTT DOCOMO will begin "pre-commercial service Sept 20 with over 100 live bases. Officially, the commercial start is 2020.

Samsung has delivered 5G chip samples to BBK's Oppo and Vivo, the #2 or #3 phones manufacturer. Samsung is facing off against Qualcomm in the 5G market. Qualcomm is unfazed and reportedly moving the production of their next chip from TSMC to Samsung. 

Sprint's 2.5 GHz 5G is delivering 100-500 megabit downloads consistently. That bodes well for China Mobile, using the same frequencies.

Vodafone, BT, and soon 3UK are delivering modestly sized 5G mid-band networks. Vodafone is also live in Spain and Italy. 

Sunrise in Switzerland is using 5G mid-band for fixed wireless in rural areas. 

It does work! Verizon's mmWave tests over a gigabit in the real world.

. Optical zoom, three cameras, liquid cooling, Qualcomm 855 and more.

Korea at 400,000 5G May 15. Chinese "pre-commercial" signing customers, 60,000-120,000 base stations in 2019, million+ remarkable soon. 

5G phones Huawei Mate 20, Samsung Galaxy 10, ZTE Nubia, LG V50, and OPPO are all on sale at China Unicom. All cost US$1,000 to 1,500 before subsidy. Xiaomi promises US$600.

Natural monopoly? Vodafone & Telecom Italia to share 5G, invite all other companies to join.

Huawei predicts 5G phones for US$200 in 2021, $300 even earlier

NY Times says "5G is dangerous" is a Russian plot. Really.

Althiostar raised US$114 million for a virtual RAN system in the cloud. Rakuten, Japan's new #4, is using it and invested.

Ireland is proposing a US$3 billion subsidy for rural fibre that will be much too expensive. Politics.

Telefonica Brazil has 9M FTTH homes passed and will add 6M more within two years. Adjusted for population, that's more than the U.S. CEO publicly urged other carriers to raise prices together.

CableLabs and Cisco have developed Low Latency XHaul (LLX) with 5-15 ms latency for 5G backhaul, Shahed Mazumder revealed at the BIG5G event. U.S. cable is soon to come in very strong in wireless. Details

China Telecom is testing 5G SA cores in 6 provinces and will switch from NSA as soon as possible.

One Plus outsells Apple in India

AT&T dumped 100 more jobs at WarnerMedia.

Here comes CBRS. San Diego Gas and Electric is testing a Nokia system to bypass the telco.

The 3.3-4.2 spectrum should be shared, not exclusively used by one company, concludes an important U.S. Defense Intelligence Board report. If more wireless broadband is important, sharing is of course right because shared networks can yield far more capacity. 

Korea Telecom won 100,000 5G customers in the first month. SK & LG added 150,000 more. KT has 37,500 cells. planning 90% of the country by yearend.  

The Chinese giants expect 60,000 to 90,000 5G cells by the end of 2019.

Shanghai has 500 5G cells in operation, although officially it is "pre-commercial."

China Telecom's Yang Xin warns, "Real large-scale deployment of operators' edge computing may be after 2021." Scale and technical problems need to be solved and customers found.

Reliance Jio registered 97.5% 4G availability across India in Open Signal testing. Better than the best European and U.S. carriers. Government testing in March shows 22 Mbps down.

AT&T is starving its Mexican operation, leading to a drop in download speeds from 12.3 Mbps to 10.8 Mbps. It could be due to a major shortage of cash to AT&T overall.

China Unicom is offering 5G phones from OPPO, vivo, Huawei, Xiaomi, ZTE, and Nubia 

Cable’s out-of-home Wi-Fi network is a bust; the industry stopped expanding it years ago after it became clear that it was never going to provide a robust out-of-home user experience.  Craig Moffett

5,000 cells in Wuhan 2019

Telcos are "deploying somewhere in the neighborhood of two [small cells] per mile." Crown Castle. Verizon 5G performance wouldn't work.

In April, Korea will deploy 5G across half the country, far ahead of everyone else. Originally scheduled for March, the phones aren't ready. The gov is refusing to accept SKT's proposed US$62 price as too high.

Facebook is paying server fees to KT and SK in Korea, after a government demand.

Mobile phone sales are collapsing in China. February was down 20% over last year. Apple was hit particularly hard, with February sales down 67%. Guess why.

Telecom Italia cut capex by 14.9%  to 4.2 Billion euros. Brazil was cut from 1.150 billion euros to 924 million. Telecomlead

Deutsche Telekom and Huawei are entwined like Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr on a Hawaiian beach. Well put by Iain Morris,

German provinces demand 5G everywhere. Universal service worked for 100 years. It would again

Datang is back. With an order from China Unicom. An early pioneer with many patents, little seen recently.

Europe 5G primarily 3.5 GHz massive MIMO. Not building small cells.

Ericsson CEO "We have the resources and the supply chain capacity to meet a fast ramp-up of market demand as 5G is introduced globally."  Ekholm takes a shot at Huawei defenders

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Welcome  Asia is installing hundreds of thousands of 5G radios and adding 5G subs by the tens of millions. The west is far behind. 200,000,000 in 2020

The demand is there, and most of the technology works. Meanwhile, the hype is unreal. Time for reporting closer to the truth.

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