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Ted Rappaport's 2013 paper, "Millimeter Wave Mobile Communications for 5G Cellular: It Will Work!" brought industry focus to 5G but Ted has pointed me to the earlier work at Samsung. Farooq Khan and Jerry Pi wrote Millimeter Wave Mobile Broadband back in 2011. Until the Samsung and Rappaport work, almost everyone assumed mmWave was impractical for mobile.

Now, every iPhone 12 sold in the U.S. can connect to Verizon's mmWave network, often at a true gigabit, That's three or four times the performance of mid-band 5G from T-Mobile.

Verizon is also now confident most of the problems with mmWave fixed service have been solved with new chips. 70% of new customers self-install.

Khan's new startup, Exium, offers highly sophisticated cloud-based network security.



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Welcome  Asia is installing hundreds of thousands of 5G radios and adding 5G subs by the tens of millions. The west is far behind. 200,000,000 in 2020

The demand is there, and most of the technology works. Meanwhile, the hype is unreal. Time for reporting closer to the truth.

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