Broadcom Wi Fi 6 230Vijay Nagarian has every right to crow about Broadcom's new Wi-Fi 6, which just passed FCC inspection. It more than doubles effective Wi-Fi capacity, especially when using many antennas. Pai's decision to open the spectrum is one of the most important moves in the last decade. Other nations are now copying it. 

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Wi-Fi 6E: Ready for the road less traveled

Broadcom’s BCM4389 is world’s first FCC-certified Wi-Fi 6E chip
On December 7, 2020, the Federal Communications Commission approved Broadcom's BCM4389 chip as the world’s first ever Wi-Fi device to operate in the 6 GHz band. It is a historic milestone for the Wi-Fi industry. It is also a gratifying moment for Broadcom. Let me explain.

The culmination of a historic FCC decision
Back in April, the FCC announced that 1200 MHz of pristine spectrum in the 6 GHz band was being earmarked for unlicensed access. This was a once-in-25-years type of technology milestone that instantly tripled the available spectrum for Wi-Fi. With this spectrum, you will get multi-gigabit Wi-Fi into your palms — on your mobile devices. With all the Wi-Fi social distancing, this spectrum also delivers ultra-low latency of two milliseconds or so — a performance metric that is supremely critical for future Wi-Fi experiences including AR and VR. ...

With this week's certification of Broadcom's BCM4389 smartphone chip, the FCC closed the loop on this incredible 6 GHz vision. The authorization to operate in this new band signals the advent of the Wi-Fi space age. It is a harbinger for things to come in Wi-Fi innovation over the next two decades.

Broadcom claims 2 millisecond latency, a tenth of the latency on 5G (as deployed) or cable modems.


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Welcome  Asia is installing hundreds of thousands of 5G radios and adding 5G subs by the tens of millions. The west is far behind. 200,000,000 in 2020

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