Massive MIMO Map 2305G is here, Verizon has installed "hundreds": of mmWave cells, per CEO Lowell McAdam. Korea Telecom is building rapidly a system along Highway 50, ready to astound the world at the Olympics in February. Massive MIMO is expanding rapidly. Softbank in Japan and China Mobile are installing thousands of towers, Bharti in India has now joined. Sprint in the U.S., Vodafone, and Deutsche Telekom are building and will soon have major announcements. I predict huge growth in M MIMO in 2018 & 2019. 

mmWave map Oct 2017 230These are not tests. Nor are they "trials," of which there are hundreds. Countries only go on these maps when I'm confident they are building and ready to serve customers. Updates and improvements very welcome.

dave askMay 2018 Verizon's $20B 5G build is on for adding customers in 2018. Gigabit LTE & Massive MIMO became real in 2017. China, Japan, Korea, and Verizon U.S. 5G are firm, with heavy investment expected 2019-2021. Europe is mostly pr. The term 5G has been bastardized, unfortunately.

Being a reporter is a great job for a geek. I'm not an engineer but I've learned from some of the best, including the primary inventors of DSL, cable modems, MIMO, Massive MIMO, and now 5G mmWave. Since 1999, I've done my best to get closer to the truth about broadband.

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