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5G Phones $199-260

ziguangCoolpad and China Telecom have brought the price of a decent 5G phone down to US$199. It's 6.5", has three rear cameras and a 4600 mAh battery. It's the first to ship with the Chinese-designed Ziguang Zhanrui Tiger T7510; soon, SMIC in China will be able to manufacture it as well. 

Coolpad is trying to come back in a market where 12 or 13 phone makers are fighting for a market likely only profitable for a handful. Chipmakers are rushing to market with even less expensive 5G chips, like the Qualcomm 690 due by yearend. (Full details below.)

Huawei, Xiaomi, Realme, and Vivo have phones from $214-$260. Pictures below are from sale listings at

Redmi K30 650

Xiaomi K30 at $214 had been the price leader. It, like all Chinese phones, is often available even less expensively with a sale or contract.

Huawei Honor 239 259 637

Huawei offers the Honor 30 Youth Edition for US$239 and the Honor Play 4 for $259, Both are 6.5" and have 3 rear cameras.

Realme also is down to $214

Vivo's iQoo is $230

Realme 5G 214 431

iQoo z1 colorful 510 


Qualcomm Announces First 5G Snapdragon 6-Series Mobile Platform

Global Original Equipment Manufacturers Demonstrate Strong Support for New Platform

JUN 16, 2020 SAN DIEGO

Qualcomm products mentioned within this press release are offered by Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. and/or its subsidiaries.



Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. announced its first 5G mobile platform in the 6-series, the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 690 5G Mobile Platform. This new platform is designed to make 5G user experiences even more broadly available around the world. Snapdragon 690 also supports remarkable on-device AI and vibrant entertainment experiences. HMD Global, LG Electronics, Motorola, SHARP, TCL, and Wingtech are among the OEMs/ODMs expected to announce smartphones powered by Snapdragon 690.

Video: Cristiano Amon, President of Qualcomm Incorporated, Announces the Snapdragon 690 5G Mobile Platform

“With over 375 5G designs launched or in development to date using Qualcomm Technologies’ 5G solutions, we are driving the proliferation of 5G across multiple tiers to make the next generation of camera, artificial intelligence, and gaming experiences more broadly available,” said Cristiano Amon, president, Qualcomm Incorporated. “Driving the expansion of 5G into the Snapdragon 6-series has the potential to make 5G accessible to more than 2 billion smartphone users around the world.”  

The Snapdragon 690 brings many of the most in-demand premium mobile experiences to the 6 series for the first time including 4K HDR (true 10-bit) support to capture over a billion shades of color and snapshots at up to 192 Megapixels. It also supports 120hz displays for fast refresh rates and smooth UI experiences. Plus, 5G connectivity gives gamers superior access to cloudbased, multi-player games virtually anytime, anywhere. Snapdragon 690 is equipped with the latest 5th generation Qualcomm® AI Engine, enabling smart camera and video, voice translation, advanced AI based imaging, and AI enhanced gaming experiences. Additionally, Snapdragon 690 features a Qualcomm® Kryo™ 560 CPU that delivers up to 20% performance improvement compared to its predecessor. The new Snapdragon X51 5G Modem-RF System is optimized for the 6-series platform to bring multi-gigabit speeds and superior 5G coverage to the 6-series for the first time. 

Snapdragon 690 Reference Device
Snapdragon 690 Reference DeviceSnapdragon 690 Reference Device

OEM Quotes: 

“Just like the Android experience on our Nokia smartphones, our take on 5G is also future proofed. Earlier this year, we were the first manufacturer to leverage the power of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G 5G Modular Platform in a smartphone, delivering on our vision of a truly future-proof global 5G experience with the Nokia 8.3 5G,” said Juho Sarvikas, chief product officer, HMD Global. “Now with the Snapdragon 690 Mobile Platform, we are excited that our vision of future-proof 5G and global 5G roaming can be made more accessible to even more fans of Nokia phones. You can expect 5G worthy experiences powered by our PureDisplay and ZEISS Imaging innovation, now at an even more affordable price. We can’t wait to share more details on this exciting product with you, stay tuned.” 

“5G is truly redefining how consumers interact with their devices. LG is supportive of bringing this enabling technology down to lower priced products through its integration of the Snapdragon 690 Mobile Platform,” said Dr. In-Kyung Kim, senior vice president, 5G and network technology and strategy, LG Electronics. 

“We’re committed to expand 5G into our portfolio and we will rely on the new Snapdragon 690 Mobile Platform to continue to do it,” said Sergio Buniac, president, Motorola Mobility. “It’s incredibly important, especially now, for us to make 5G accessible to even more consumers around the world. As networks expand, so are our offerings.” 

“At Sharp, the expansion of 5G is of critical importance to the company,” said Shigeru Kobayashi, general manager, SHARP Personal Communications Division. “We are highly supportive of Qualcomm Technologies’ first Snapdragon 6-series 5G mobile platform.” 

“Currently, TCL has introduced smartphones powered by the Snapdragon 7 Series 5G Mobile Platform, and we are very excited to support the launch of Snapdragon 690 Mobile Platform. TCL is committed to delivering cost-effective and affordable devices with 5G capabilities,” said Chen Ji, general manager of global product center and vice president, TCL Communication. "We're looking at how we can bring this essential technology to more consumers." 

“Wingtech has developed many devices for global OEMs based on Qualcomm Technologies’ 5G solutions. As the expansion of 5G in 2020, we look forward to bringing 5G products to more consumers around the world at various price through our joint collaboration,” said Wang Hao, president of sales, Wingtech. 

Devices based on Snapdragon 690 are expected to be commercially available in the second half of 2020. With the new addition of Snapdragon 690, there will be more than 1,800 devices either announced and in development in the 6-series. For more information on the Snapdragon 690 5G Mobile Platform, please visit For additional Snapdragon 690 assets, please visit the online press kit

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