dave askApril 2017 Gigabit LTE is real in 2017. So is 5G Massive MIMO and 5G mmWave to fixed antennas. Suddenly, top engineers are expecting 5G millimeter wave mobile much earlier - deployments, not tests and pr - possibly 2020.

Being a reporter is a great job for a geek. You get to talk to almost anyone you want to. I'm not an engineer but I've learned from some of the best, including the primary inventors of DSL, cable modems, MIMO, Massive MIMO, and now 5G mmWave. Since 1999, I've done my best to get closer to the truth about broadband. If you catch a mistake, email me right away. It's the biggest favor you can do for a reporter. Dave Burstein

Most of this was on my site 5gwnews.com. The marketing people turned "5G" into something almost meaningless so I'm pulling over to a new name, Wireless One - W1.